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    Increased Revenue & Profits
    TintPro can save you money, reduce your administrative costs, and increase your revenues.

    • View every aspect of your company’s operation, allowing for more productive business decisions
    • Smart Scheduling saves you time, gas and money
    • Automated payroll saves hours each week
    • Automated billing via email and fax keeps track of all invoices, eliminating lost revenue from ineffective paperwork or processes
    • Better management of the billing process means faster payment response and better cash flow
    • Inventory is tracked in real time and managed for you, and auto ordering means you never run low on film or come up short on a job
    • Film Cut Optimizer reduces waste and increases efficiency
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    Enhanced Competitiveness
    TintPro helps you optimize business flow to project a more professional image and increase your total number of bids accepted.

    • Rapid deployment allows you to check inventory and schedule appointments on-the-spot
    • Impress your customers and increase your closing rates by providing color printed estimates and bids in the field, including a clear scope of work to be completed
    • Boost customer satisfaction and demonstrate reliability with jobs completed “as stated”
    • Show potential customers similar installations that have been completed in their area to build confidence in your company’s reputation and abilities
    • Generate effective marketing letters and emails with a lot less effort
    • Track the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on what’s working
    • Measure Sales Rep effectiveness – identify top performers and get better results
    • Built in security keeps your data safe and allows you to assign access based on job function
Improved Productivity
TintPro eliminates redundancy of tasks and simplifies the data entry process, so you can accomplish more with less time and effort. Free up staff resources and get your Sales Reps out of the office and into the field.

• User friendly and straightforward – no need for IT training, programmers or technical experts
• No lost time or system downtime – the system works when and where you work with 24 x 7 access, not on someone else’s schedule
• Data is entered in real time and stored electronically, for instant access and fewer mistakes
• Customer relationships are managed from first contact through warranty in one base record – redundant data entry is eliminated
•Bids are delivered on-the-spot so customers don’t have to wait for a quote
Return on Investment
TintPro is a cost-effective, fixed price solution. Your Return on Investment starts with one additional bid that gets accepted, and grows from there!

• Increased efficiency in all areas means more jobs completed in less time, with fewer administrative staff required
• Ideal for those new to the window film industry – you gain immediate access to proven and time tested applications and systems
• Eliminates complicated and costly payroll calculations – automated payroll tracking allows payroll to be completed in minutes not hours
• Improved inventory tracking prevents loss or theft
• Entirely web-based – saves time and money, with no disks to install or hidden fees