• smart
    • Color-coded master calendar tracks your sales force and installers with “at-a-glance” ease
    • Estimates and installations are scheduled geographically (cluster scheduling) based on the areas that you serve
    • Employees receive printable schedules of their day for better up-front prep
    • Each customer record is housed within the system, putting critical data at your fingertips
  • inventory
    • Each roll of film in your inventory is tracked individually in real time, preventing loss or theft
    • Sold film is automatically deducted from inventory as each job is scheduled for an install
    • System can generate a printed report on each roll of film
    • New film orders are placed automatically for you based on actual need, not guess work
  • purchasing
    • Inventory system is set up to auto order film and supplies via email and/or fax
    • Film orders are calculated in advance based on sold jobs – you never run short
  • business
    • Lead generation and outcomes are recorded and reported
    • System tracks sales force effectiveness and sales representative performance
    • Lead generation and outcomes are recorded and reported
    • Advertising and marketing effectiveness are quantified to reflect success or failure
    • Customer referrals are documented for later recognition or use in testimonials
  • human
    • Employee documents (applications, resumes, government documents, etc) may be uploaded and stored in a secured area
    • Tracks employee events from sick time to customer praise and complaints
  • customer
    • Marketing campaigns and letters are easily generated and ready to print, fax or email
    • All customer and marketing data is housed within the program for easy retrieval and searchability by all users, with Sales Force automation available
    • Track and report on the status of your customer’s order, or show your potential customers similar installations that have been completed in their area
  • realtime
    • Access the system anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with full capabilities, even in the field
    • Works with computers, laptops, and smart phones
    • Provides varied levels of security and employee access based on job function
    • Data entry, updates, scheduling and sales are processed in real time
    • Puts the power and productivity in every employee’s hands
    • No software to buy or disks to install
    • Estimates are generated and priced line by line, using drop down menus to include measurements, special charges, and special equipment
    • Professional bids can be delivered immediately in the field, or by email or fax
    • Each quote is stored within the system indefinitely for easy retrieval
    • Options and products may be changed and a re-estimate generated in seconds
    • Print outs can be customized to include special coupons, discounts, etc
    • Estimates can be priced based on size of job calculations
    • Home Depot® jobs are priced separately for ease of tracking
    • Estimates offer an option for the inclusion or exclusion of “window size” – so when printing or sending to a customer, you can prevent your measurements and calculations from being sent to other companies for competing bids
    • Customer records can be searched by Name, Phone Number, or Address
    • Records may also be searched by Housing or Office Development to allow potential customer to view all of your company’s installations in their area, or to provide examples of what neighbors have done with similar rooms, homes, or offices
    • Film Usage Optimizer eliminates film waste by factoring the best configuration for cutting the film on a job-by-job basis
    • Best film use instructions are factored and printed for each installer, with each film roll identified by run number
    • Film may be cut in advance or on the job site
  • billing
    • All installations are tracked individually and set up to expect payment
    • Add-ons are captured and tracked with the original record
    • System auto manages invoices and payments
    • Invoices and statements can be generated and sent via email and/or fax
    • Payment data can be tracked according to amount, payment type, etc
    • Payroll is processed automatically, with each employee’s unique pay rate entered into the system
  • payroll
    • Payroll is calculated and managed automatically for you, freeing up staff resources
    • Once each employee’s unique pay rate has been entered into the system, complex pay calculations are a breeze
    • Employees can even calculate their own payroll and post to the appropriate manager for quick review
    • Job Costing
    • E-Warranties, Glass Check Lists and RPM’s – automatically generated and sent electronically from your own database, stored for easy retrieval with no more duplicating or tedious data re-entry
    • Tint Pro to talk to plotters for auto cutting in the shop – cut jobs individually, by day or by the week
    • Bar Code entry of inventory
    • MapQuest® connectivity for auto directions to customer job sites